March General Meeting

  • March 19, 2019
  • 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Abilene Country Club - Room 4039


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Please join us for our March monthly Big Country SHRM meeting at Abilene Country Club from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM. *Please Note: We will be in Room 4039 on the first floor.*

 Topic: Workman's Compensation: HR & The Cost of Job Injuries 

Understanding the factors that drive work comp costs and result in lengthy unnecessary lost time that may or may not be directly related to an injury, is critical for employers in managing their costs.


The better HR managers understand workers’ compensation, what employers can and should be doing, what to expect from their insurance carrier and doctors, the better the employer will be at controlling costs.  HR becomes a more effective business partner within their organization.


Private employers in Texas are not required to carry workers’ compensation. If an employer chooses not to carry workers’ compensation, there are still reporting responsibilities.  Injuries still need to be managed. Cost must be controlled.


The longer an injured employee is away from work, the higher the employers’ costs and the worse the impact of the injury is on the employee.  Eliminating unnecessary lost time is a critical factor, with or without workers’ comp.


This session provides tools to address and avoid issues that result from medically unnecessary lost time.  Costly turnover is eliminated; business and workers’ compensation costs are significantly reduced.  Learn how to be proactive in managing issues around job related injury, participate in the management of claims, and avoid some of the pitfalls faced by employers in getting injured employees back to work.

Speakers: Pat Crawford

  Prior to joining the Division, Pat was a Workers’ Compensation Specialist and HR Manager for Levi Strauss & Co. for 23 years. She trained and supervised Human Resource managers in various locations. She began to manage workers’ compensation for LS&Co. in 1987.  Her responsibilities included oversight of claims and claims administrators, participated in regulatory and legislative processes, in 13 states. She served on the Board of Directors for the Texas Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund (Texas Mutual Insurance) for nine (9) years.  She has participated in numerous national and local committees and activities addressing workers’ compensation and labor concerns across the country. She was an active participant during the reform of the Texas workers’ compensation system in the early 1990’s working closely with the Texas Workers’ Compensation Commission during the initial rules development process. She continued to monitor and actively participate in the development of the system until leaving the Company in 1998. She joined the TWCC in 1999 after taking early retirement from LS&Co. due the Company’s decision to move manufacturing off shore.


Currently, she is responsible for the Return to Work education program for the Division of Workers’ Compensation at the Texas Department of Insurance. She is an accomplished public speaker and travels extensively providing seminars, training and consultations.


Her business background has provided “hands on” experience in dealing with the difficulties often faced by employers in controlling workers’ compensation costs and getting injured workers back to work following a work related illness or injury.

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